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Overview of The Master Key “III”

Now, I’d like to touch upon the essence of the “The Master Key III.” First, the “III” refers to the philosophy with which to grasp the essence of the Universe through the use of “three,” which I call Sansho, Sanshin and Sanno-tetsugaku. (“San” is a Japanese word for “three.”)
“Sansho” stands for the three worlds: genshokai 現象界 (the phenomenal world, or the visible world), gushokai 具象界 (the concrete world, or the world which seems visible but is hard to see), and chushokai抽象界 (the abstract world, or the invisible world).
“Sanshin” refers to the three shin that dwell in every human being: shin 身 (body), shin心 (mind), and shin芯 (the determination and preparedness to inscribe ideas onto the tanden).
“Sanno” refers to the three things that individuals and organizations ought to perform―役割 (roles), 使命 (missions) and 天命 (mandates from Heaven).



Why use the philosophy of “The Master Key III”?

From here, I will get into the details of “The Master Key III,” the pure philosophy with which to grasp the essence of the Universe through the use of “three.” Some of you might wonder and ask, “Why do you use ‘three’?” or “Why call it ‘philosophy,’ not physics or mathematics?” So, first of all, I will tell you about these points in detail.


Pure Philosophy: The Master Key “III”

“The Master Key III,” a pure philosophy for unlocking the door to the lives of the world’s more than 7.3 million people, the philosophy which I have advocated, targets “the eternal now,” and sets forth unselfish coexistence and co-prosperity with all kinds of lives.
The essence of Humankind’s awareness is rooted in the providence of the natural world, and should bring out the ability to reason, which then leads to resuscitation, directly from that pure philosophy. Unless we bring to an end mutual destruction, exploitation and the infliction of pain, and continue to forget how life should normally be, Humankind will never have a bright future.



Sublime Justice and a Universal Declaration

I, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama, argued down the great mistake of the century and made my Universal Declaration on January 1, 2015.

【Click here to read my Universal Declaration】

Humankind has lived ever since the dawn of history with a focus on the visible world (the phenomenal world) by making use of laws said to be universal. The so-called “9 times 9 equals 81” formula has been used as the absolute standard and evaluation measure for living. Especially since the Industrial Revolution that first took place in Britain in the 18th century, the application of this universal law has accelerated, along with the tendency to place significance on materialism. Today, all conveniences people enjoy without casting doubt on them―such as the manufacturing of manmade satellites, calculation of their orbits, microscopic wave motions, oscillation, magnetism, IT and the like―are all based on universal laws.

What are the results of blindly believing, even in part, in these laws? Abnormal changes surrounding the earth have gathered momentum, and the world has fought for a larger share of resources and benefits. The appearance of the eve of World War III has been growing more conspicuous, moment by moment. There are also the facts of refugees resulting from conflicts, others who have been driven into poverty, and the young men, women and even children have performed repeated suicide bombings. As many as 193 countries and territories belong to the United Nations, but their presidents and prime ministers are only representatives of their domestic factions, and do not seem to be conscious of representing their whole nations. Even in the 21st century, humankind is still unable to step forward toward a peaceful world that places the most important priority upon peace and order of life.



Message to Malala Yousafzai

At age 21 I experienced intense wakefulness (the real image of brilliance) for just a week. But after that, I returned to my uneventful days, and even though I tried to convey my spiritual and dynamic experience, I was not sure what it was like and was not able to prove it with words.

25 years later, I came across some words in Buddhist literature “Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya” (The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom).

是大神咒         It is the whole of creation, like the gods and Buddha

(Charm with spiritual power)

是大明咒         It shines, it is clear, and it is purity itself

(Evident charm)

是無上咒         It is transcendence and nothing goes beyond it

(Supreme charm)

是無等々咒     It has no walls and is beyond comparison; it has swallowed all

(It has no equal)

能除一切苦     It leads to wakefulness without any hindrance

(Removing all sufferings)

真実不虚         It is truth itself, the sacred real image

(Truth, not untruth)

I marveled at the fact that the real image of brilliance I experienced exists in these words in secrecy

My lifework is, while seeking business in the field of beauty, to spread across the world the simple thing I have perfected as pure philosophy by seeking axioms, formulas and laws in the providence of the natural world and logicalizing them to search for “the real image of brilliance.”

As the culmination of my work I established the organization called “SPC GLOBAL” on May 10, 1966.



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