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Overview of The Master Key “III”

Now, I’d like to touch upon the essence of the “The Master Key III.” First, the “III” refers to the philosophy with which to grasp the essence of the Universe through the use of “three,” which I call Sansho, Sanshin and Sanno-tetsugaku. (“San” is a Japanese word for “three.”)
“Sansho” stands for the three worlds: genshokai 現象界 (the phenomenal world, or the visible world), gushokai 具象界 (the concrete world, or the world which seems visible but is hard to see), and chushokai抽象界 (the abstract world, or the invisible world).
“Sanshin” refers to the three shin that dwell in every human being: shin 身 (body), shin心 (mind), and shin芯 (the determination and preparedness to inscribe ideas onto the tanden).
“Sanno” refers to the three things that individuals and organizations ought to perform―役割 (roles), 使命 (missions) and 天命 (mandates from Heaven).

These points are illustrated in the chart below, with “Sansho” as the starting point. “Sanshin” can be grasped by drawing them closer to oneself. “Sanno” can be attained by understanding the influences exerted on the world. And “芯 (the determination and preparedness to inscribe onto the tanden)→ 抽象界 (the invisible world) → 天命 (mandates from Heaven)” constitutes the superordinate concept of my philosophy.
From next time, I will explain each of the terms used above in more detail.

Structural Drawing of Sansho,Sanshin and Sanno-tetsugaku