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Ascension Route

In Part 4 of my blog, I referred to wakefulness, our common destination, as “∞” and the starting point as “0” (cause). I also said that the “key” (method) for ascending from “0” (cause) to “∞” (effect) is “The Master Key III.”

This route, through which the level of awareness ascends, is called “the Ascension Route.” In order to race up this route, it is necessary to grasp things in the Universe objectively, through Sansho-tetsugaku, “boil up” your inner self with Sanshin-tetsugaku, and put Sanno-tetsugaku into practice each day, to improve and enhance your influence on the world exponentially, in both quality and quantity.

As I have explained in previous blogs, since each of the keys (Sansho-, Sanshin- and Sanno-tetsugaku) is made up of three elements, it follows that they are three-tiered theories, with the Ascension Route as a superordinate concept. This is the philosophy that I have finally mastered, the philosophy with which to grasp the essence of the Universe through the use of “three.”

I would like to communicate this three-tiered philosophy to Ms. Malala Yousafzai so she can put it into practice. On the other hand, this philosophy is also for the sake of all humankind.

This blog is only an introduction to my philosophy, which is not easy to master. If you really aspire to reach wakefulness, please contact me by filling out and sending this application form to the SPC GLOBAL Secretariat. I will accept you, regarding your application as a “mandate from Heaven.”