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SPC’s Grand Design

SPC GLOBAL is an entity that puts “The Master Key III Philosophy,” which I have explained in this blog, into practice every day.

SPC GLOBAL is an organization which seven people, including me, established in 1966. Now, it offers a place where more than 1,200 operators of beauty and barber salons hold meetings.

Each of the operators who join SPC GLOBAL has his/her own problems at first. A few are successful, to some extent, from the beginning, but most of them are driven each day by problems about human relations, property or money. They gradually fall into the downward spiral of negative thinking, in which things do not always work out, and lay blame on society and other people. Getting sick and tired of their uselessness, they decide to join SPC GLOBAL, feeling like they are clutching at straws.

As a remedy for such members, SPC GLOBAL starts guidance with “The Master Key III.” A certain number of people, who seek instant solutions, leave our organization, of course. But the people who really crave to change themselves stay and learn Sansho- and Sanshin-tetsugaku. Through this, they acquire on-the-job abilities and managerial and administrative capacities which lead their companies to prosper. This is an example of the aforementioned “roles.”

Some of our members feel satisfied at this stage and do not make further efforts, but a certain number go on toward the next level. As members of SPC GLOBAL, they push on to make regional and social contributions and commit to activities for global and environmental conservation. This is an example of moving beyond roles, to having missions.

At the last stage, our members continue on to the level, at which they want to pursue the happiness of more than 7.3 billion people. Unfortunately, however, not many people are able to reach this level, and only those few who can keep on inflaming their energy and moving forward step by step can reach wakefulness. This shows the way to “mandates from Heaven.”

Let me repeat that my philosophy is different from the “anthropic principle.” Rather, it is important to bear in mind, that it is a philosophy with which to bring about peace and order to the lives of more than 7.3 billion people. This can be accomplished by appealing, even just a little bit, to “a higher power” thought to have designed the Universe, based on values akin to “intelligent design.”

The map below shows SPC’s Grand Design for putting “The Master Key III” into practice.