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Why use the philosophy of “The Master Key III”?

From here, I will get into the details of “The Master Key III,” the pure philosophy with which to grasp the essence of the Universe through the use of “three.” Some of you might wonder and ask, “Why do you use ‘three’?” or “Why call it ‘philosophy,’ not physics or mathematics?” So, first of all, I will tell you about these points in detail.

As I mentioned before, it is necessary to communicate to humankind, as efficiently as possible, the way to wakefulness. This is in order to realize the existence of wakeful people, who can experience the real image of brilliance; to reform humankind’s awareness, with these wakeful people as the starting point; and thus to bring about peace and order to the lives of more than 7.3 billion people. This work is the purpose of my blog.

Our predecessors have, undoubtedly, attempted to communicate wakefulness in words, and we have introduced, in Part 1 of this blog, language found in “Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya” (The Heart of the Perfection of Understanding). But words have various and profound meanings which are, consequently, difficult to communicate. I thought out this matter, and decided to venture using the concept “∞” as a symbol for our common destination. It is called the Mobius strip, and represents infinity or the eternal Universe.

If we are to define the finish line, then, it is also necessary to define the starting point. “0” (zero), a concept discovered by our predecessors in India, fittingly applies.

The problem is how to get to “∞” from “0.” If you have only these two concepts presented and are told, “Now, let’s get to “∞” from “0,” most of you will be quite at a loss how to do that. It should be difficult, except for those very few people who are given intuitive inspiration from Heaven. Hence, as I have explained in Part 2 of my blog, it is necessary to grasp an understanding of this process from these three aspects: cause, effect and good reason.

That is to say, it is necessary to organize and communicate the key (good reason) for reaching “∞” (effect) from “0” (cause), with a thinking method that humankind can understand. I am convinced that the thinking method that humans can most easily understand is “philosophy.”

As I have demonstrated above, the thinking method which is naturally applicable to the understanding of the “key,” through the use of “three,” is what I call “The Master Key III.”